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The few and far between nice days I found myself painting the shed I normally paint on canvas though i felt restricted. I started just by painting a few sunflowers and got ever so carried you can see.................adding more and more


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I just saw it as a huge blank canvas i can not really afford a canvas that size............ i wish i had more time but i can't keep up with my imagination'if nothing else it's a colourfull box that brightens up the most gloomy days x was such good fun making the ruby slippers from an old pair of shoes a glue gun and some sequins x

gotta finish this shed or theres no place like home

xxx .. oh my word just been out to paint my shed and i thought it was gonna take off in true wizard of oz fashion so windy....

Well a just realised the shed is a stepping stone between painting on canvas I have lost my mojo and confidence . I sort of don't want to finish it it's been like another little house to live in and not needing tools in my tiny garden I was good to fill it up with my paints.......

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