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  • Sheddie:

    Paul Glanville
  • Location:

    Rear Garden - Dorset
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  • Cost of shedbuild:

    £101 to £149


My Shed is my office but don't be mistaken it isn't a fancy one off designed Garden Office or something that uses the latest technology. It is a secondhand (bought from the local paper) old back garden shed that has been insulated, carpeted and used as my starting office for my Architectural Company, The Design Board . We love it and spent 18 great months from starting the business working away in it everyday until new premises were required!!!

Other info

As stated the shed itself was purchased from an advert in the local paper , we paid very little for it but had to dismantle it in a tight back garden and then transport it to its currently location (about 3 miles away) where it was erected again. Holes were cut out to make way for double glazed casement units and it was insulated throughout to keep us warm in the winter.

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