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The Secret Shed

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    In a garden somewhere near you - West Yorkshire
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At first glance you are fooled into thinking the Secret Shed is just another small garden structure for keeping garden tools safe but as you open the door you are greeted by a staircase leading down to a sub-terranean lair, like your very own Bond villains secret hideout. The shed/bug out shelter is built using a reinforced concrete box lined with stone and wood floors, walls and ceilings to give it that warming homely feeling. It is equipped with a full toilet, shower and mini kitchen. There is a mezzanine/bunk bed platform that is out of the way and also warmer for cosy nights sleeps. The shed has solar power and wood stove powered central heating. There is a chimney and fresh air vents that go up and out of the barbeque located on the surface. Water is fed from either the house or the rain barrel situated next to the shed and is purified as it enters the barrel through a homemade sand and carbon filter.

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As a disabled person, building this shed would be just about impossible and as I only have a small garden that slopes quite steeply it just wouldn't be feasible without major reconstruction of the neighbourhood, lol. The ideas behind the design for this concept came from the idea of building a Tardis shed that when you go through the doors it opens up to a huge space inside, just like the 'real one' does. This is actually easier than you'd think by using 'cloak and mirror' design.

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