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The Pallet Shed

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    Currently in the making, but full structure is made out of cement pallets in full (not a frame built and then pallets stripped and then mounted to the frame) all items apart from the roof will be recycled/reclaimed from possible landfill. All pallets have been sourced from local companies with their authorisation. The shed is 19 foot by 10 foot in size, and will have a separate living room and toilet for a bit of privacy J The base is made up again of pallets and the walls are mounted to these, 4 corner posts will be cemented into the ground to keep the structure from moving

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    Wanted something unique to fit to my requirement for my kids to play in at my allotment whilst me and my wife are working and also to store tools etc in. The idea of spending £ 200 plus on a square 6x4 shed wasnt good enough for what I wanted, so it was a case of what could I build and with what materials I could lay my hands on easily. Pallets were supplied by Bill at J W Pallets 07817088171

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