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solar/alternating current, automatic feeder,auto waterer,auto chicken door opener,skylights, the chicken mansion is a copyright structure.

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I have built a walk-in coop that is not only charming but would enhance anyone's property value. It will be what I call "state of the art" all you would have to do is just add the peepers. It will have an automatic door opener, waterier, feeder, the last two features will have reserves. It will be hard wired, all you will have to do is to attach an extension cord, for lights or a brooder, etc.. It will predator resistance and have a beautiful metal roof, with 2 skylights, and 5 windows in total. It will house 15 to 18 hens in a 4x8x10 feet dimension. There will be 4 external nesting boxes and 8 internal boxes. (the internal boxes is an option)Okay, people in the United Kingdom if you want to see videos of building of the chicken mansion go to www.krookithaus.com and tap on youtube subscription icon. You don't have to subscribe.... thanks for another video http://youtu.be/x6kbCzBQnmI

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