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The Footy Nite Bunker

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The shed was originally built as a bedroom for my 18yr son, but the wife found him a flat.. All you fellas (and ladies)out there who like there sports, you need a place to go where you can have drink 0r smoke without upsetting the missis or kids, the bunker is the place. It started in 2010 and has hosted many football and boxing extavaganzas it has 2 lcd tvs surround sound and fully wifi,d up, also we have a games console to which we pit our wits against each other playing quiz games. It has 6 full time members who have there own key. Its survived 2 fires, luckily im used to the modified propane bottle which is our source of heat during the winter months. All the interior has all been donations from friends and family.wednesday nights wouldnt be the same without the bunker. Enjoy the photos nidge,dave,steve,jk,chris,marley.

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Every bloke needs a footy nite bunker on those evenings when footys on, and you need that 90 mins of quiet with no interuptions, plus you can be as messy as you want cos your mrs wont be fussing round you hehe.

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