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Made In England

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    Mr Mark
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    ,nestling in the hedge,Suffolk - Suffolk
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  • More than £500


I'm no carpenter, but built it myself, although it was meant to replace a falling down little shed at my previous house, but took too long in the planning/execution that its ended up here. would have made it bigger had I known. It has a brick floor and oak window and will accommodate a motorcycle, but now houses the bicycles.

Other info

Home built main frame is welded steel, with a galvanised steel sheet roof over 3/4" ply, an integral ash workbench and is insulated and lined out. The honeysuckle is now well established, but started out as a small clump taken from that which covered the shed I was replacing. It covered the shed completely and was virtually holding it together. No such worries now.

Made in England, built to last.

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