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Beach Huts

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Our sheds were inspired by the beach huts we'd seen on a trip to Devon.

Our dull, square breezeblock-city garden desperately needed a bit of TLC. Originally we were just going to have one big shed but everything we saw was a bit too big and boxy or the doors were on the wrong side.

In the end we hit upon the idea of getting a pair of little 6x4 sheds and painting them as pair:

Cuprinol Pale Jasmin as the base, the highlight colours are just emulsion so I expect we'll be re- painting that yearly!.

You can't really sit in them, they're just for show and like most sheds they're just a place to stick our bikes and gardening stuff.

Other info

The numbers are a reference to our ages, ie I'm not 63 that's the year I was born in. The raised beds in the garden I made from sleepers are supposed to hint at breakwaters and then we ditched the grass in favour of some shingle. I think we may need to finish off the look with half a fishing boat or an inflatable seagull!

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