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The Prospect Tavern

  • Sheddie:

    Mark Ellis
  • Location:

    Bottom of the garden where the fairies live - West Yorkshire
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  • More than £500


My shed started off as a drunken idea after seeing one my wife's relative had built in his garden. It wasn't long after I started building my own. I began collecting things from the working men's clubs from around Yorkshire on my travels as a club entertainer. Before long I had the full set up. Everything in it is all authentic stuff that has been used in the clubs and is more of a museam than a pub. The TV was donated by my father in law along with the dartboard and the bar itself used to be a garden shed. The wife thinks I'am mad and cant understand why its took me a year to build it. Its because every time I went to work on it I had a beer in my hand and I was shocked to find out that when it went up it went up straight. Its not that easy cutting wood when your three sheets to the wind and can hardly speak.

Other info

I will admit I didn't really have a clue on how to build it but after months of drawing stick like pictures I finally had an idea. I basicly built a large shed and sectioned half of it off to act as a garden shed in the hope one day my wife would let me turn it into a lounge area and buy another shed. Not winning that battle at the moment. In the back of the shed is a micro brewery where I brew all my own beer or stomach rot as my friends call it. I have surprised myself with it and all my curtain twitching neighbors who originally thought I was building a greyhound pen. The Prospect Tavern is still being constructed and photos will be added as they are taken. A video of how I built it is available on Youtube called How To Build Your Own Garden Pub by normantonhistory.

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