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Tommy's Free House

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The friends who come to enjoy themselves.... Power with three lighting options, tv, play station and sky sports for football evenings........Guinness surger plate for the class black stuff keg pint, optics for those who like spirits and bring your own drink use the house drinks and leave your drink to restock.........many a good night to follow.

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We were invited to a family event and when we arrived we were shown a bar built in a shed, I thought this was fantastic and this lead to me buying a shed and converting it into a bar. With the shell erected I then proceeded to bring in a mains cable into a consumer unit and wire the shed for lights and sockets, the walls were then insulated with polystyrene and plywood to cover before painting, then up went the mirror and shelves in came the glasses and fitting, fridge and freezer and hey presto Tommy's Freehouse was born.........

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