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Front view as we look out from our kitchen door, of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford Photo 2 of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford Our 16th C thatched cottage The Little Thatch is a prominent view from the Vufold doors. of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford The little Thatch!! of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford The little Thatch sits next to this new part of our oak framed house. of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford The tiny Thatch!! This is the first miniature thatch which I built for my Daughters 1st birthday, she will be 6 this year and still spends endless hours playing in it, it is insulated inside so she can still play in it in the winter. of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford The winding path leading to The little Thatch! of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford The little Thatch!! Nestled beautifully between our 16th C cottage and 19th C yew tree which has taken a new vacation as a support for my girls new oak swing!! of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford if we must work!! of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford Photo 10 of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford outside looking in!! of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford The girks play area and bunk beds their very own My birthday cake!! A complete edible replica!! :) of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford Photo 14 of shed - The little Thatch, Bedford
All photos are copyright sheddie Jamie Dix

The little Thatch

  • Sheddie:

    Jamie Dix
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    Garden - Bedford
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    Shed Features

    It is special to us for many reasons, firstly we live in 16th C Thatched Cottage, it is beautiful but not always the most practical! This shed was originally built by my partner Jamie in 2010 to act as a store for his tools, and a place to work for me, and to store documentation ( we are both self employed!). Following a holiday in Devon in 2013, where our two children, Gracie aged 5 and Florence aged 3 were privileged to sleep in bunk beds for the first time! (16th C cottages do not have the head space for bunk beds so was never an option!! Their bedroom is located in the eaves, so they can almost touch the ceilings whilst standing on the floor!! :) They were both so overwhelmed by the experience, that when Gracie was asked what she wanted for her birthday she replied " Bunk Beds Please!", after her birthday passed in June, both girls were asked what they wanted Father Christmas to bring them their response, " Bunk Beds Please!" So eventually earlier this year Jamie set to, completing the second Phase of the shed "The Glamping Pod". The shed now acts as an office and store by day, and a haven for the girls to play and sleep (well sleep on a warm evening!) by night. The Bunk Beds are removable so when I have meetings, they are removed and the shed becomes a simple office once again!

    Owning a 16th C Cottage, it is difficult to put buildings in close proximity, as they detract from the beauty of the cottage, and since ours is listed, permission would not be given for a "Standard Style Shed". We believe that our shed has as much character and beauty as our home, and offers just as much quirkiness too!! Hope you like it!!

    Other Shed info

    Having a Thatched roof not only makes this shed carbon neutral but helps to keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer! Winning this competition is not about the prize (any prize funds would be donated to Great Ormand Street Hospital, a charity dear to us) but a way for Jamie's work to be appreciated by others not just his number one fans!! :)

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