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    This is our patent pending portable pop up party shed. It can be transported anywhere in a Transit Connect and 'pops up' in a little over two hours. Although we may be able to get this down with practice. We've popped it up just the once and it's now stacked in my back garden and is at a medium level alert state - about a one hour notice to move. It can be popped up anywhere and makes a brilliant party shed. We line it with an old parachute and rig lights and a PA.

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    The prototype was tested at a little private music festival in the Peak District last year. We named the shed JB's in memory of our departed friend and hero who left us last year. We ran the PA and lights off a small generator and with a couple of mates doing the music we partied all night. JB's was the place to be at Regfest last year. This was a totally DIY project with all the timber scavenged from skips and building sites. If the video below doesn't open try searching for 'shedonism' on youtube - don't get us confused with the all girl las vegas party videos. Different shedonism. No less appealing but not shed related.

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