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Crafty Brian's Man Cave

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    Brian McMillan
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    Garden - Surrey
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    Less than £100


This shed is 99% recycled. The smallest piece of wood used is only 100mm by 400mm. The fascia board was previously on a shed I built 20 years ago. The only two new pieces of wood used are the two end closings over the felt (odd ends of rolls I scrounged).

The whole structure is lined and insulated to keep heat in/out according to the time of year.

To emphasise the fact that the shed was built almost entirely from recycled materials, I painted each panel on the rear internal wall in a different colour. This took a lot of cutting in but it was time well spent as the end result is pleasing.

Apart from the two new pieces of timber previously detailed the only other item that cost me money was the Cuprinol wood treatment from their new range. I think it looks fantastic!.

Other info

When I heard they were refurbishing a large indoor playground nearby my first thought was "timber" and "shed". I had wanted to build a little studio for myself for ages so this was the catalyst for my project.

Many, many trips to and from the site saw more with a collection of timber and other materials big enough to construct the 14 x 8 foot studio pictured.

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