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Recycled Shed-home

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    by the river - Angus
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    £150 to £249


I was desperate and lucky. I sourced materials from skips, friends, family, ebay and it has grown along with me... I abandoned it for a few years and then found myself needing somewhere to stay again, so out came the tool box and now there is a shiny floor inside. I never thought I would see the day! Seems so posh now by my standards I toyed with calling it the chalet, but it will forever be known as the shed. I love how its evolved. You know, because it's mine, I can just cut a hole in the wall through to the 'lean-to' to make a bed-nest. I can cover the walls in maps and make candle holders out of bottle-tops woven into baskets and hang shelves using old bicycle chains and make flower pots out of tyres, the door fascia is an old bed. This is total freedom for innovation. I love my shed, and its my home!

Other info

Well, the bare bones were a very old garage my uncle took down for someone as a favour. The windows came out the skip. Second hand roof slates. A wood-burning stove. The decking used to be made of pallets. Half still is, but I've been able to afford an upgrade to increase the shed's longevity. I had so much help building and repairing. Friends and family gave their time, energy and expertise. I could not have done it without them. When I climb up on the roof the view is fantastic and I feel like im on top of the world, at least on top of my castle.

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