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My Shed is the 'sparkliest' around. I wanted to transform an everyday, normal looking shed into a piece of art. The Garden shed is traditionally the 'male' domain. A place a man can be himself and surround himself with 'man' things. By covering my shed in sequins I've 'feminised' it if you like. I've changed its role from being a practical object to being aesthetically beautiful.

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I created the shed as a final piece for my Fine Art degree in 2010. I covered my dad's garden shed in over 600,000 sequins. It was fantastic. It took just over a month to create and I used exterior yacht varnish as an adhesive to stick the sequins on. I sprinkled on the sequins by hand in my student house and once assembled for my degree show, a couple of friends helped me put the finishing touches on with tweezers (that took about 6 hours) It was a fantastic project, and although sadly the British weather has weathered and taken the colour from the shed, It still sparkles in the sunlight. And it's a very pretty Bike shed.

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