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Thomas's Tardis

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    £250 to £499


This boring plunk use was inaccessible due to th plants, so when the little dr who fan asked for a tardis for his birthday we set about remodelling and transforming it.

Because the door mood to the shorter wall it created an visual illusion that when you open the doo it is night inside than outside.

Other info

We had to rebuild th floor and replace th of, we made a new panel to tak a window away for what was to become the new back wall and th crated a nw panel with larger door. The signs were made for us and added to the outside whilst inside there. Is a large backdrop of the tardis interior on the rear wall. It took over a week 8-8 to completly take apart and rebuild and is now hopefully so,etching that will last a while because the £370 it originally cost was a waste before and now it's amazing,., so I am told!

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