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My shed is my writing room and I absolutely love it! I swapped a bag of wool for it and it was in a terribly run down condition. The last owner just wanted it off their land and I think they thought that it was beyond saving. Inside, it was formica hell, and the colour scheme was 1970s (not in a good way). The outside had been painted some hideous shade of dark green, and in a paint type wholly unsuitable for the job too. I've only had it a month, and with some serious elbow grease, I've managed to get it looking a lot healthier! It isn't finished yet but I want to enter the competition anyway as loads of my friends have been impressed by my efforts! My cats and dog love the space too. In fact, they won't get out of my shed and this was not the plan.

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It's an old 1970s caravan. As I said, it was completely knackered. I've put a new wooden floor in and painted every surface. I've ripped out most of the fitted furniture and also the little bathroom at the back of the caravan. I've made all of the curtains by hand (i.e. not on a sewing machine) and made my dog a bed out of the surplus material. My dog, Seamus O' Murphy, now has a little bedroom space when the bathroom used to be!

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