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    On the lawn - Poole
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It's an extra room, perfect for nicknacks from my childhood. The shed was given to me and as I already had two sheds in my garden, I decided to make it into a haven from a houseful of teens. Last summer it temporarily became a safe place for a young runaway, who now actually lives with us in our home! This year I have reclaimed it for me and by chance heard about Shed of the Year 2014. People love it because it's quirky and everyone identifies with something, be it an ornament, first baby shoe, doll or as a hideaway etc. Recently I moved an armchair in for more comfort. The shed, known as Joae (jewel), provides refuge after work and the sun streams in. I love having friends over and hearing friends tell their friends about Joae. Have just asked teenage son to describe it: nice, pretty, well organised, such a cool shed and full of memories. Year before last teenage daughter painted outside to resemble the TARDIS. I love it so much, spending time in it is uplifting and I emerge recharged!

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From the outside it is a standard shed and used to house the bikes at my previous house. Photographing the inside's a real challenge!

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