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The Ootback Inn

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    Back Garden - Angus
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My shed is recently new and was ready for use July 2014, once i saw my dads friends pub shed and the shed of the year programme i knew i wanted one. So mines is a 10x12 foot wooden pub for my family and friends, but it is also used as a summer house and games room where we can play the computers i have set up (Wii and an N64). I also have random toys all over the place from my child hood such as the TMNT, Bogglins, The Sinclairs (dinasour family), etc for my friends kids to play with. The most eye catching things in the pub i would say is my bright green and red VW Bus fridges, which my dad made. Other things that are unique are an ice bucket which is an old oil sump from a vauxhall vectra painted blue, a jack daniels cask/ barrel as a table, a stable door on the front so the top half can be open with the bottom half closed, a large black rasta gnome as a bouncer, large plastic bear bin outside, colourful wooden mushroom seats for outside and a mascot Bulldog called Chops. I am always adding things in the pub and dont think i will ever be finished, changing it or moving this about.

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I bought the 12x10 foot shed itself from a local company who make and errect them. It is fully made from wood, my father then stained the shed with a red/ orange stain. Myslef and my joiner friend then built the bar from scratch with wood i had bought, and i built the storage bench seat all myself so it has a slight wobble as im useless at DIY. I have adapted an old book case to use as a computer console unit and Jack Daniels bottle display on the middle shelf. I also have 2 very unique fridges that my father made, as in i bought the fridges then he turned them into a VW buses with working headlights!

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