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Waveney Valley Hogspital - Hedgehog Rescue And Reh

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EXCITING UPDATE - The Hogspital survived the mild winter and is currently under extensive redevelopment.

The Waveney Valley Hogspital is a voluntary hedgehog rescue centre - we care for sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs, underweight or whatever their need. We are a small rescue which is home-run and self-funded, I work full time to help with the cost of food, medication, cleaning equipment, heat and electricity meaning I have 2 full time jobs as the Hogspital is a full time job in its self.
The current Hogspital is very old and very rotten and really needs replacing with a slightly bigger Hogspital as we are very cramped. It is unlikely to last this winter, we have no back up so if disaster strikes we will have to close and re-home all our inpatients to already stretched carers, vets and sanctuaries none of which are close by.

Other info

Our mission at Waveney Valley Hogspital is to care for small orphaned, underweight, injured or otherwise in need hedgehogs, releasing fit and healthy hedgehogs back into the wild.

Hedgehogs arriving in spring and summer are treated for their ailments or cared for until they are capable of fending for themselves, they are then released back into the wild. Orphan hoglets need feeding every 2 hours through the day and night

From September onwards the situation changes dramatically as the temperature drops

Orphan hedgehogs are not old enough to be away from their mother and probably not fully weaned. Any hedgehog calling out loudly or under 200 grams are likely to be genuine orphans.

Juvenile hedgehogs are ones that are old enough to be away from their mothers but too small to hibernate we call these Autumn Juveniles (AJ). The AJ season can start as early as September and is busy through until the end of November. However some hedgehogs will struggle on and the occasional one can be found from December through until April young/small hedgehogs can and will hibernate at 450 grams or less but are more likely to survive hibernation at 600 grams and will be in better condition post hibernation. The ones found in March and April may have struggled through the winter or they may have hibernated but at the minimum weight for hibernation so they are weakly once they emerge.

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