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The most amazing feature of my shed is that the roof rolls off - it's an observatory come garden office and with a telescope permanently mounted inside the roof needed to move to allow it access to the stars! What makes the build even more interesting is that you can't easily find a shed in a DIY store that has a moveable roof, so I had to design it from scratch. Up to this point, my DIY skills involved nothing more that hanging the occasional picture! It sounds crazy but it was only really near the end did I wonder whether it would actually work and I hadn't even considered it failing. In doing the build, I over engineered it to try and ensure it would survive, so it has been built to the same spec as would a timber frame house, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon! We have also used sympathetic materials wherever possible, so cedar has been used for the roof shingling, the fascias and the floor internally - the shed therefore smells amazing too!

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The shed is 15'x8' and was built during the spring and summer of 2014, all by hand and only by me. This may not seem an amazing feat however before this the extent of my DIY was putting pictures on the wall! It's been built to timber frame house standards, and I've tried to make it as attractive as possible, both internally and externally as that was a key requirement of the wife! We live in a mid terrace with no rear access, so getting 7 tons of soil out and kilometres of wood in also proved slightly more time consuming than I had initially expected!

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