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The Cave

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Pallet wood flooring. Insulated. Spacious. Wall mounted pub cd jukebox. Lead flashing underclad overhanging sunshade roof. Family gathering spot. Lovely evening lighting. Satellite tv. Sunset views. Completely hand built around 6 hardwood doors purchased from eBay for £120. The roof panels and back wall was made from old shed panels. . . Again bought from eBay. So you could say I have reincarnated a few dead sheds in the process of the build.

Other info

Took around a year to complete on and off. The beginning of the build was slow but aided in my rehabilitation after being off work for 6 months with a bad back.
The surrounding garden is an ongoing project.
There is a fully functioning early wall mounted cd jukebox installed. A full size fruit machine. Pub beer fridge and satellite TV.
Partially built from reclaimed timber. Fully insulated and double glazed.
My first attempt at building something this scale.

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