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Owl Lodge

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    Garden - Dorset
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    Dear whom it may concern

    I would like to nominate my dads shed for "Shed of the year" It's a bespoke shed! Personally designed by my dad!

    This shed is not an ordinary shed, if you call it a shed you get promptly told off!!! "Kate dear it's a workshop"!

    My dad's shed (please don't tell him I called it that) even has a name! 'Owl Lodge' Owl lodge even had a grand opening! Friends and family came down from where they lived just for this event! With a guest speaker to cut the ribbon!! The guest speaker was in fact my granny! My dad's mum! Video and photo evidence is available of this extravaganza!!!! Drinks we're flowing, music was playing and food was cooking for all!!! Dad even has owl lodge uniform! (I'm not even joking)!!!!

    This shed aka workshop is my dad's pride and joy!!! Not me and my brother! His shed!! My dad is oh so proud of it!

    When I first met my boyfriend and he came over to meet my parents, the first thing my dad did was, not question him on how well will you treat my daughter etc etc etc but....... Hi Gary, I'm Ed, I've got my own shed! Come down and I will show you around!!!! So my poor boyfriend, never met my parents before, got the grand tour within 5mins of meeting them! A year on and he now lives with us!!!!

    The shed does actually have a purpose, my dad is a very keen Wood Turner! A hobby of his which he only recently developed! Woke up one day and decided he wanted his own shed, again aka Workshop, at the bottom of the garden! The shed took it's time to be built! Half the garden got torn apart! New patio was laid and holes were dug!!! Friends were roped in to help and hey presto............ He had a shed!!!!

    I can't explain enough how much this shed means to my dad! Now he's retired he enjoys his time in there turning away!

    He's even got my mum involved....... Each year our local village holds a Victorian Fayre! Where you can have your own stall. You guessed it....... Big Ed (my dad) has a stall each year, selling items he's made! And they both dress up!!!! They love it! And so they should! Something they (my dad mainly) enjoy! It's nice to see them both so happy!

    He often has requests from friends and family! He's made a cake stand for a friend of his daughters wedding!!! Bowls, candles and my favourite of them all........ HIS FAMOUS EGG CUPS!!!!! Everyone gets an egg cup in this house! And if you are lucky he will even carve your name in it! All done and made in his amazing shed!!!!!

    I believe my dads shed is strong candidate for shed of the year! It's one of a kind!!! One you can't forget!

    See attached pics, before and after! During the building of Owl Lodge!!!!

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