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Extreme Process Mind Control Experimental Shed Nsa

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    Tim Baber
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    Stubbings Meadow (an island) shed may be seen by shed fans from Danny Cracknell Pocket park. - Hampshire
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    Less than £100
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    This shed was poorly and covered in very old tar paper . When removed and treated it was OK but flooding damage ( it is on an island) meant it was "racking" and probably yawing and all the other things aeroplanes can do. I figured the joins were at risk so added a upvc exoskeleton with offcuts from the tip 3 miles away. The detached seam on the floor was solved with shelf brackets to a thick crap ply floor from large offcuts. Then the front was replaced by the opportune purchase of 3 x tipped patio doors for £5.00 each.

    Other info

    That kind makes it look Ok and the morning sun and sheetrock in the roof help a lot. Currently some sheet materials and some crude shibari try to deflect heat and rain. I had to add a sunshield..I was told there is a proper name for them...because I always do, though this looks East not South. This is no perfectionists palace but a working shed as I also have a summerhouse. I feel adding copious 20mm gravel around it is sort of landscaping and should help a bit next flood time. I would raise it more but the floor is not unitary any more and I would have to replace it all. This shows what can be done with an old tired tar paper covered shed. Ti's nature and fashion fighting it out.
    The door is a bit tight in the sliding part but the stricture may loosen with time and a slight struggle is a perfectionists invitation to harder work to be done.

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