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    Peter McLaren
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    Kirkcaldy, Fife - Fife
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  • More than £500
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    Built around recycled bus shelter glass.

    It sits on the edge of woodland overlooking a self planted meadow. We call it the shedow

    In February 2013 my brother and I were nearing the completion of a shed we had built together in Falkland.

    It worked well, perhaps better than we both expected, so a seed was sown. I could use the template of what we built there for my new studio here at Glassmount.

    I framed it out with lots of windows and a generous stoop, under which I can dry wood for the wood-burning stove.

    We dug out a path and filled it with wood chips, and transplanted plenty of snowdrops and daffodils around the structure.

    The wood floor got a warm stain and a generous coating of varnish.

    We have big barrels at two of the exterior corners to catch rainwater from the roof.

    I value light when I paint, especially changing light, It keeps my paint alive.

    I wanted to build a space where I could enjoy a plein air light experience indoors.

    The roof on the south-facing side has two translucent full-length roof panels.

    A lot of the interior light is diffused through them.

    The only time I have had trouble with the glare is when the winter sun sets low over the horizon in the west.

    At the day's end, I'm happy to put down my brushes and just absorb its changing colors.

    The thing I enjoy most about the studio is how it evolved out of its surroundings and how it has mellowed back into them. I value the changing light the seasons bring.

    Working within a building which promotes this variety is like adding a hundred new colors to your palette.

    Other info

    Total build cost was around £3000 including the stove and installation. See build blog.

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