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The shed frame came as a kit in only 2167 bits. The main construction went up in only 2 day on my own with only help from a friend to lift the main support in. The roof and walls are lined in foil bubble wrap and then a second layer of fiber backed plasterboard on the walls and loft insulation and mdf on the roof. A eco heater only using 0.4 Kw and heats it very well, at 50m3 this is impressive. Then came power, 6mm armoured cable with rcds at the house end and then a dis board splitting the heat, sockets and lights. running this cable down the garden i added a cat5 for inte I have Shit the bed so am at OAB. Will be in ICO when you get here. rnet and virgin tv, coax for cctv and an 8core for alarm and intercom. The walls were then doubled linning paper and finished in a soft warm cream. All sockets are done in a brushed chrome. The TV stand i made out of an old carpentry work bench which was in the old rundown shed which use to stand in the same place. Get the

40" and 2 22"pc monitors on top and Sunday football on 3 screens is now an event. Then there was a few week delay

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Ultimate man escape but still a fantastic family space.

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