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Ye Olde Knob Fiddler

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    Glynn Bailey ( spocky )
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    Garden - Kent
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    Ye Olde Knob Fiddler is the Little Pub with a Big Heart. Measuring under 12 x 8, and having a darts oche 4 inches OUTSIDE of the front door, this little pub is stacked out with memorabillia. Everywhere your eyes land, there is something different to look at.

    A 32" flat screen TV, delivers nearly live music and "Film Nite" has become a regular feature. Soup in the Basket and Mold Wine is often served in the bar, along with cold larger from the fridge and a wide assortment of bottled real ales and Belgium beers. Wine and Spirits on demand.

    Other info

    This is an ongoing project, and a tribute to Norbert Le Fiddian (1480-1559) the greatest Knob Fiddler of all time

    Origins of the Knob Fiddler

    Near the end of the 15th Century, Norbert le Fiddian left his home in Southern Belgium and cycled through France to Calais. After borrowing a small boat, he rowed across the English Channel and landed at Dover. Making his way to London, on his trusty bicycle.

    Norbert quickly set up his small forge on the south bank of London Bridge, and set about making cast iron door knobs of high quality.

    Such was the quality of his work, Norbert attracted Lords and Noblemen from the length and breadth of Britain to his small forge. They named him "Norbert le Fiddler", which in time, was shortened to "Knob Fiddler".

    This name was adopted by the London Guild Society in 1536 to represent a person who forged door knobs, and there were many apprentic "Fiddlers".

    However, Norbert never married. It was said that he was too busy fiddling with knobs, rather than find a wife. So when he died in 1559, the name Knob Fiddler was put to rest by the Guild, as a mark of respect for Norbert.

    Today, it is possible to find "Knob Fiddlers" from all over the world. But these later day Fiddlers are normally found behind locked doors.

    So raise your glass to Norbert... the greatest Knob Fiddler who ever lived. Drink to his memory, and think about this story the next time you find yourself behind a locked door.

    In memory of Norbert le Fiddian AD 1480 - 1559

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