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It has heat, light, nice sounding hi-fi, some furniture and a dartboard. A beer fridge, possibly a bar and a fruit machine to follow.

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We built it over the winter with the initial intent of housing our son's drum kit and treadmill, both of which are too noisy to have in the house. It's been finished about a month now, and both the drums and treadmill are still in the house, which kind of suits me. It started off as a very rough drawing on a scrap of paper, and firmed up as we went. It was going to be 3m x 4m but we decided to spend a bit more to make it 4m x 4.2m. It's completely scratch built apart from windows and doors which I had made. There were a couple of disasters along the way - lots of rain before the roof was on, and a plank of wood being blown off the tarpaulin and through the neighbour's garage window. In case you're wondering why it's called Stewie, before the windows and doors went in, it looked like Stewie from Family Guy.

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