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Chateau Shed

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    GARDEN - Suffolk
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    £150 to £249


The chic CHATEAU SHED adds style to a small garden. It has a small footprint, 50% of a standard 6' x 4', yet can hold 70%+ of its capacity. The style was inspired by the roofline of a French Chateaux. The height of 3m allows for cycles to be stored vertically and for a high level shelf to ensure that dangerous fertilisers, herbicides etc. are out of the reach of children.

Other info

The CHATEAU SHED was designed for a very small garden. It is made of exterior plywood stained with Cuprinol Beaumont Blue and with a fibreglass roof. It is easily constructed from standard materials by most careful DIYers. It can store Garden Tools; Garden Chairs; Bicycles; Lawn Mower, Herbicides, Pesticides & Insecticides (out of the reach of children) and sundry garden appliances not easily stored in modern small houses.

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