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The Stealth Shed

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Since getting into a rage every time I entered my Stealth Shed and playing Jenga with its contents, it was time for an overhaul. So I fabricated a new door (formerly my mum's side garage door), put in a laminate floor (that I had knocking about in my garage) and fashioned some shelving. With the addition of some exterior feather board, the shed has had it's 20,000 mile service and I can now find everything I need. Oh, and there's a little sign on the door. AWWWWWWW!!!

It was built from scratch to fit in a specific space made behind a row of conifers in the garden, hence Stealth Shed.

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Getting it into the hole required a good old bit of ancient Egyptian knowhow, by rolling it to the space on logs, a la the Great Pyramids. The final shove came courtesy of my comprehesive bulk and a bit of a crash tackle

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