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    - A fully plumbed in "Turdis" with loo, sink, heating.
    - motion sensors turn on lights when you enter
    - phillips hue lighting changes colours throughout the evening
    - WeMo switches for lighting + motion control - fully controlled from anywhere in the world from a phone ;)
    - linked to to auto-tweet temperatures, rain, upcoming weather
    - has it's own twitter account at and tweets automatically throughout the day on entry, weather changes, location changes (owner leaves / enters area)

    April 2015 - new refit on the inside - latest photos are here 552267

    Other info

    The idea was conceived a few years ago when I needed an office in the garden and a loo - I didn't want to lose space in our outbuilding and my wife knew I liked the idea of having a tardis so we did both! The Tardis itself was bought, and installed onsite and then I had a contractor refit the internals of the tardis to be a loo, using a saniflo system, sink, heating and electrics. The icing on the cake was hooking up WeMo switches with Hue lighting + triggers and a Twitter account. The Tardis auto-tweets throughout the day, tracks weather, temperature etc (and tweets it) - It's got it's own Twitter account and followers!

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