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After recently getting engaged and wedding later this year, the time came that my fiancée moved in to my house and now my art work, furniture & gym had to go, what to do... build my own space 'My Shed' where i can potter and relax in comfort. The shed has only just been finished so the sedum roof has yet to take hold next year should look great.

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I wanted my shed to be special and took time to research many and could not find any to suit my needs. I decided to build my own shed incorporating a green roof planted with sedums so that the shed blends in to the garden and doesn't stand out. The main cost was the exterior wood i recycled an old window, doors and other features including kitchen cabinets for storage decking on the floor painted green to match the exterior , its fully insulated with power, painted holly green to bed in my vast garden in the idilic setting in norwood green, i cannot wait to sit and view my very own chelsea garden:)

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