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The Old Tannery

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There were no pre formed materials. The whole thing has been built from sketches in a book and it has just grown and grown. Each weekend we went out to work on it and things just developed and improved. "The ultimate mutating shed". All the doors and windows have been recycled and cost absolutely nothing.

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It started off as a place for our teenage kids to hang out as we are 2 families coming together and desperately needed space . It then developed into a cinema-DVD shelving, electric screen, surround sound (previous life-lol) and aircraft seats on raised platforms from ebay-(bought 24 in lots of 6 for £200 only needed 9 and sold the rest for £180!! ). It seemed a same not to do anything with the original deck area so we continued to build but more indoors/outdoors feeling as we both love being outside and we created a pub. As the house is on the site of Nantwich's original tannery it was only right to christen the place The Old Tannary. We even have a T-shirt (pub uniform) made.

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