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My late Nan left us some money and this is the best thing we did with it. Building it has been a really nice shared family experience but equally something I have a huge amount of pride in. Built from reclaimed pallets and other bits and bobs it is 95% my design and hard work, and something I know that my Nan would have loved and shared my pride in.
Its a place to chill in and have friends and family over in the evenings. The Asian theme is very relaxing and was inspired by, and contains many of the souvenirs from our holiday to Thailand. The bar is a great touch when having gatherings and the sofas are so soft and inviting you just have to sprawl out and CHILL..... My cabin is special because its the perfect Place to be in at any time of day.

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My Asian inspired retreat built last summer. It is all lovingly hand made (apart from the Lego pieces from the cabin company sent via the internet) from crates and other reclaimed and recycled timber. It has been a fun project involving my family and friends and we have all shared its enjoyment. Going by many names - Luv Shack, Fluffs Bar, Hideaway and The Shack - the cabin has provided many fun days and nights and its only just getting started. Its first year anniversary comes shortly and we hope its only going to get better.

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