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Bazzy's Bar (The Lorraine Brown Cabin)

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Bazzy's Bar is a great place to be, a place where family and friends can relax and have a laugh, a place where we could be a family. Our loving auntie sadly passed away back in 2011 and this shed was a way of keeping our memories alive with her, she was a loving person and is sadly missed.

Bazzy's Bar is a Dundee FC / Manchester United themed bar which can seat up to 10 people, the shed has it's own game area, three fridges and also has neon lighting. The bar has it's own TV and also has a dart board too. We love our shed and it's a great way to remember the memories with our loving auntie!

Other info

The shed was constructed in January 2012. It was originally planned to be a den but instead we decided to install a bar at the rear of the shed. The size of the shed was intended to be smaller but filled a good unused part at the rear of our garden. The shed was constructed with wood and then decking was built around the shed which was added a couple of months later. We then varnished the decking around the cabin to match it up with the shed too.

In January 2016, we refurbished our shed and got an extension built which currently holds a new small bathroom along with storage materials. The shed was painted, got new doors, locks, shutters and lighting.

We installed a new spa area on the opposite side of the bar in May 2016 where every summer, the family can chill out and relax! The new spa area is a great addition to the cabin's surroundings.

We have collected a lot of things from over past holidays we have had as a family, from places such as the United States, Spain and Mexico which have been placed in Bazzy's Bar.

We have used Bazzy's Bar for parties, catching up with family as well as friends and has also been used during public holidays, such as Christmas Eve where the family come together and have a drink of shandy, beer or cider before Christmas Day, this has become a regular tradition since our shed was built!

I think if our auntie was still here to see our shed, she would have been proud to have saw it! The shed would have meant a lot to her if she was still here!

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