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The Retreat

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    Sheena McBain
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    My allotment - Norfolk
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    Less than £100


My shed is my place to retreat to, to unwind in and contemplate. The secretary said he has never seen anything like it! (I think it was a complement! ) It has a daybed with lots of cushions, a chair, it is carpeted, has drapes to the ceiling. Pictures on the walls, books on the shelves, my paints for when I feel inspired to do some painting, a kitchen area, oh and my hotwater bottle for the chilly days! I have painted it a cheery yellow and red and adorned the walls with pictures, plates, quotes, Tibetan prayer flags etc. etc.

Other info

I have very little spare money so I had a tight budget for my shed. It started life as a 6' x 8' chicken shed on another allotment plot. I bought it from the young man for £40 it was in bits, had broken glass windows, had been out in the rain and the inside panels were covered in chicken poo and straw :( family errected it for me, and I set to work cleaning it. Once it had been scrubbed, cleaned and dried out, new windows were put in. I scoured charity shops for my interior furnishings, and set to work with sewing machine. A carpet shop donated a free, used (but clean) carpet. The daybed was made from a pallet, the chair was a skip find. All of which I recycled and revamped myself. I asked for Ronseal shed paint and emulsion for my birthday present, it has been weatherproofed. The wee fence around the shed is another skip find....old wooden bed ends which I have painted, along with another pallet. All in all the whole project has cost me £83.

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