Inside Shedqyarters of shed - Shedquarters, Buckinghamshire Inside the workspace of shed - Shedquarters, Buckinghamshire Outside, part finished of shed - Shedquarters, Buckinghamshire
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      £250 to £499

    Shed Features

    I have a recycled shed office made of mostly reclaimed products that were once used on a building site as hoardings.

    I have hand built every part of the 4x2.5M Shed. It has taken me about 9 months so far and I'm 4/5 of the way to complete, the finishing touches will be external cladding and mains electricity!

    This all has to happen before March 2016 so I can work in the shed once our twins (babies 5&6) are born!

    It features Wifi and a security alarm that monitors and alerts my iPhone if anyone enters the shedquarters without permission!!!

    There is also a large amount of I.T. equipment in my shed, I provide my family with a private Cloud that stores their Uni and school work making sure my shed offer safe haven for their data.

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