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The Castle Of Mob

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    It's a Castle for children, mainly my grandchildren, Mia, Olive and Betty, hence the name MOB, they are also a Mob, It's in a great spot, on high ground overlooking the valley. I have cleared the wood around the castle and planted loads of wild Welsh daffodils, bluebells, snowdrops, wood anemones etc. It's magical.

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    My grandchildren (Oscar and Pablo) helped dig out the hillside for the footings. Built from Lightweight blocks, hand cut like an igloo's block and stuck together with builders foam, it's incredibly strong, much stronger than using mortar. The base and top are concrete.
    The top was cast using shuttering to create an overhang so I could fit half blocks to make the Crenellations, I used waterproof concrete over a wooden roof and topped it off with a layer of heesian, soil and a layer of Sedum.
    Inside is painted with a red clay paint to give a feel of the medieval, outside I have painted with a well know shed paint Country cream and mixed in Forest green and Silver copse to get a suitable colour, although it's not for block work it has sealed the blocks really well and looks good, I think.

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