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Dutch Barn Style Gymnasium

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    £250 to £499


Made from pallets and recycled materials

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Hi there

I single handedly built this shed over the summer of 2015 at a cost of roughly £500. I collected and stripped in the region of 100 pallets and used the stripped wood as cladding, I used single sided turf pallets for the floor with a 22mm ply board base with an insulation layer and another layer of 22mm ply. Its main frame is made from heavier pallets, is insulated and reinforced with 4 x s has 4 inch posts between each pallet and screwed together. |The posts support the roof beams which are 8 x 2 cut at 22 degree angels to give the shape, this is sheeted in 4mm ply and felted. Its exterior is clad with 22mm ply and a full jacket of roofing felt then clad with pallet wood! The roof shape is an adaptation of a Dutch barn/Gambrel style which is going to have a garden put onto this summer! I recycled a neighbours upvc window and back door insulated the roof and clad the interior with 4mm tongue and groove, the walls are plaster boarded and painted, the ceiling has a undercoat whitewash and an led strip light. The exterior is still to have a finish on the timber and the cladded floor is going to come up as I cant shut the door with the carpet and underlay. The insulation was left over from a friends job and is simply loft insulation. There is an airflow gap between the walls and into the roof to allow the building to breath.

I still have a few things to snag but these are not too import at the moment and will be finished in the spring/summer 2016.


Tony McCulloch

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