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The Cow Shed

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    Our shed was made last year, entirely by hand, by my husband,(took him around 4 months) from FREE reclaimed wood packaging that he'd collected and saved for over 3 years.

    It's shape is based on the materials available, from a plan he had in his head. He built it 'for me', but when we invited friends for a party to celebrate they said we should let people stay in it - so we advertised it on Airbnb and people from all over the world want to visit.

    This makes us very happy as we believe we live in an amazing place and we'd like to share that with others.

    You can see pics of the shed on our Facebook page called 'Campsite Scarborough' (the shed is the profile pic and our cream and green, Hay Brow Campsite sign is the cover page pic) you can also see it on Airbnb - Hay Brow unique shed. . . .glamping chalet. . . . . We have a small house, so the shed is a place for our kids to practice gymnastics, play music and so on :) It is treated with decking oil

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    We technically built it 'for free' as all the wood in its construction was free reclaimed - but there's far more screws than we ever imagined, and the doors we had to buy - which is where the real money was spent - we used the money we would have spent on a family holiday on building the shed instead.

    I took plenty of little films and photos of the demolition of the old build and the building of the new. Its called 'The Cow Shed' because it was built on the site of an old cow byre that was blown away by storms back in the 1980's.

    Its raised off the ground to deter vermin and keep it warm and dry - its got disabled access, a massive decking area, furnished with vintage reclaimed finds, solar lights. . . .built for the enjoyment of the countryside - with paths through the orchard and views up the valley - to chill and unwind - to party and celebrate life.

    We had a 'small' problem when the portaloo we hired for guests use blew away. . . . so we're spending this year working out how to provide toilet/shower facilities - which should be fun ;)

    Thank you Sheddies

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