Front (if you can have a front on a dome) of shed - Geodesic Dome, Cornwall Long shot showing the allotment of shed - Geodesic Dome, Cornwall Interior as it is now. We are adding new stuff all the time so i will add more photos as and when of shed - Geodesic Dome, Cornwall
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Geodesic Dome

  • Sheddie:

    Paul Rollason
  • Location:

    Allotment - Cornwall
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    • Cost of shedbuild:

      £250 to £499

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    Shed Features

    What makes my shed unusual is it is a geodesic dome think mini Eden project We are going to be using this structure as an experimental food production system We are currently building an aquaponics system that will allow us to eventually harvest both fish and vegetables The fish provide the nutrients for the plants and the plants filter the water for the fish The whole thing will be off grid so we will have to have solar and probably wind power We are also going to have organic water heating for the fish tanks

    Other Shed info

    We decided to build a geodesic dome because it was something that I could build myself for very little money. I just gathered materials as and when I could and eventually built the dome last summer. I am very interested in different ways of growing vegetables and I love showing others how they can do the same. the dome is a fantastic centrepiece to the allotments and people are drawn to it. This give me a great opportunity to chat with people and show them what I am up to. The project is constantly evolving and we will be adding new technologies and techniques as and when we can afford them. One thing we want to do this year is to build a heat recovery system to store the heat of the day and release it at night. Most people with greenhouses consider excess heat as a problem to be got rid of but we want to put it to work. If you want to see what we have done so far and follow what we are up to now and in the future please have a look at our tiny allotment blog

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