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The Prisoner No 6

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My shed is unique in the sense it is based on the cult TV series The Prisioner stariing Patrick McGoogan, it is a mix of the style of his house and the control room with the famous egg chair and phone .where no 2 was, I also have dinky models of the rover, vespa, mini moke and the lotus with the actual original number plate, the floor is black and white squares to represent the giant chess set

Although the TV series was a work of fiction the idea was based on the fact that George Markstein was aware of a lodge in Scotland where mainly SOE operatives were in effect placed in "prision" after the second world war but they were kept in a form of luxury being supplied with good food alachol and coffee!

I also have the tv theme music as well

Other info

We have power and it is well insulated, the lights are sixties themed to stick with the Prisioner idea, the front has the number 6 on thee front, a penny farthing to represent the series. We have table and chairs in the front with the cushions and plant pot the original colour of turquoise.

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