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Stefan's Between The Trees Casa.

  • Sheddie:

    Vasile-Valeriu Chirita
  • Location:

    Front Garden bit - Devon
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  • Cost of shedbuild:

    £150 to £249


This shed is made from an original old big Wendy house approximately 18 years old from Millie, Robin's daughter. When asked in July 2015 to help to take it to the tip, I decided that there is more life into it so I did take it home instead. Bought materials to raise it a bit as my son is pretty tall and to replace/repair most of the rotten planks. It is a lovely, solid, unique shed that I've set in a part of our front garden(between the trees that was more likely to stay unused. The shed is still in working progress, but not far from finishing.

Other info

The original ground for the base was on a slope so I carried a good number of wheelbarrows of topsoil and waste hardcore form another part of the garden to raised and make it level. Left that over the winter to get sturdier then laid reclaimed weed membrane and than few reclaimed block pavings on top. On top of that I used the old base as it was not so good and build a brand new base out of 25x150 tongue&grove planks(the most expensive part of the shed). The shed is 8'x6' and just over 10' high. Inside there are stairs going up to a mezzanine where the ceiling is chalkboard painted.

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