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The Hive

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I have called my shed The Hive because it looks a bit like one but i also like to think of it as a place for being busy, like bees. I have reused many materials from previous projects such as my daughters play house (they grew out of it), next doors pagoda that was falling apart, an old bunk bed and a hammock stand. It sits right next to the jungle and has two windows on the rear wall that looks out into the jungle, great for looking at the monkeys. I have installed air conditioning because at the best of times it is 30 degrees and humidity is very high in Brunei. It is a great place to potter, fix and create things. The WiFi signal is good from the house and there is a cordless doorbell so I can be called from inside the house. My favourite features are the workbench mounted hoover for cleaning up sawdust and my fridge for keeping my 'silicone" cool.

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It took me the best part of a year to build by myself and most of it was made using only hand tools as I didn't want to disturb the neighbours too much, a good work out too.

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