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Tomorrow land is not just my office it's my special place (my magical kingdom of creativity) where I can lock myself away from the world and write. To begin with I tried writing inside our house but its not that easy with two kids and five cats and struggling to make any form of progress the idea for a shed was born. After considerable thought I decided upon a modern and contemporary exterior with a luxurious mix of baroque and Moroccan furnishings. After months of hard work I've finally moved in and I am currently adding the finishing touches to my book. I truly love my little shed, it's my little piece of heaven (my mystical place) where I can sit quietly listening to the relaxing sounds of our fountain, lost in creativity.

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First we started by digging out the foundation for the base ( six tonnes of sand and a little cement later!) we were finally ready for my shed. When my shed arrived it was a standard wooden cabin measuring 12x8 First I started by spray painting the outside and having slightly miscalculated by about thirty cans! We moved on to the inside. After insulating the walls, wiring and plaster boarding we connected Tomorrow land to the Internet (as I really cannot live without thesaurus!) Next I added gold glitter around the windows and doors and then following on with my gold theme I painted my chair, chaise longue, desk and candlesticks too. Finally I painted the walls and added a layer of glitter to give it that magical touch. I would like to thank all our family and friends for my shed as it truly is the best wedding gift a girl could wish for. I would also like to thank my fantastic mother in law who very kindly made my beautiful curtains. And finally I wish to thank my amazing husband (who is an artist and makes pictures out of granite stone) as he has worked tirelessly on this project and without his help none of this would have been possible.

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