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Grandad's Retreat

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It is totally solar powered (off grid) and is my garden workshop. It has a gambrel roof, which gives me a mezzanine floor with masses of additional storage space.

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Although it is a bought off the peg shed, its interest I think lies in the additions within.

Two 100 watt solar panels and some crafty electronics give me 240 volts off-grid power for my hobby workshop.

I have added a carpeted mezzanine for additional storage space, and I have enough power to keep the lights on in the house if there's a power cut.

There is a separate circuit to supply garden lighting (on a timer) when I complete the garden.

We only moved here less than six months ago, so that is still a work in progress.

The shed supports a weather station, and the white aerial on the roof is for aircraft identification (I am a retired avionics engineer).

To complete the eco theme, rainwater is harvested from the roof into a water butt.

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