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Tatum's Pub Shed

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I visited the UK in 2013 to attend the Glastonbury Festival. While I was there, I read an article in a local publication about pub sheds. When I got back to the US, I started researching English pub sheds and finally decided to build my own. The shed that I built is a working pub and shed. The pub pays respect to my southern American roots. All of the interior lumber is reclaimed wood from the Cape Fear River and dates back to the 1800's. The bar can comfortably seat six people. We have two TVs for sporting events, beer refrigerator, freezer for ice, a window that completely opens up to make a pass threw bar to the outside porch area. The inside is decorated with early American antiques which includes a drink rail made from a 1968 Chevy tailgate, copper moonshine still, my great grandfathers shotgun from the early 1900's, WWII era railroad relics, a liquor cabinet made from a gym locker, etc. Everywhere you look is a piece of American history. Outside, we have installed a urinal so the gents have a place to go. There is also a porch area that seats five comfortably, a gas fire pit and dart board. Lastly, the shed side houses my tools, garden equipment and additional storage.

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My pub shed 12'x20' With a total SqFt area of 268. I spent about $8000 on the build.

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