front view of shed - Tiny 1, Cambridgeshire front view with lights of shed - Tiny 1, Cambridgeshire side view of shed - Tiny 1, Cambridgeshire inside of shed - Tiny 1, Cambridgeshire upstairs of shed - Tiny 1, Cambridgeshire hole excess to bedroom of shed - Tiny 1, Cambridgeshire
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Tiny 1

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    Our shed is our home..we live in partner made it all by himself...we have a solar panel. We have a upstairs where we sleep which is excessed by a paddle pole ladder through a round circular hole. Mostly made of wood. It is built on a twin axeled trailer so it can be moved. Inside dimensions is 6 foot 4 by 11 foot 3 long.

    Other Shed info

    It took 2 year's to build in his spare time from mostly timber sourced from friends. We have a downstairs toilet and shower fitted kitchen with gas hob and sink gravity fed by a tank upstairs. We have a dinning table and chairs and we have a pull out sofa which slides out into a double bed makes a four birth at a push. We also have a homemade extractor made from a computer fan. We have 12 volt power inverter to operate 240 appliances. All lighting is by l e.d. Heating is by tubler heaters. We have a outside veranda where two people can sit with drop down tables. We live very comfortable and cosy within. We get lots of comments by the public, one day alone we had a queue at our stable front door wanting to see our beautiful home.

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