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The shed was already here when we bought our house, sitting at the end of our courtyard garden in all its orange-varnished glory.
Although it had been used as a shed / general dumping ground by the previous owners who had installed it 5 years previously, it had obviously originally been designed as a small summerhouse.  We did briefly wonder why they had decided to go to the extra expense of purchasing a summerhouse when all they had actually needed was a conventional shed, then we reflected on what a shame it was; however, the next 7 years passed and we had still done nothing with it.
It was easier to just continue the time-honoured tradition of using it to store all those items 'that might come in useful one day' such as dried-up paint, old bits of broken wood, rusty nails and numerous other objects of disinterest whose identities were forever to remain a mystery.
Then in summer 2016, I'd finally had enough and announced that the shed was to finally 'shed' its caterpillar skin and become the butterfly it had been designed to be!
We now have a room with a vintage vibe that has given our small garden an extra dimension where we can quietly sit and read / listen to the radio in summer, accompanied by the rustling of the bamboo just outside.

Other info

Shed is made from wood and glass with a flat felt roof. As we found the roof had been leaking, it had to be re-felted. I then got to work and painted the outside and inside in duck egg and cream.
We decided to keep the original wood counter top and just paint it, also keeping the useful storage area underneath it which I curtained off using a vintage cotton print I dyed to look old and attached it with Velcro so it could be removed for washing and over winter.
I found a 1930s Lloyd Loom chair on ebay and added some vintage accessories. I then made a fake front for my modern radio out of an old cardboard box and some bottle tops to blend in with the vintage theme.

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