Bar area of shed - Geary's, Dorset Inside of shed - Geary's, Dorset Bar area of shed - Geary's, Dorset Inside of shed - Geary's, Dorset Inside detail of shed - Geary's, Dorset Freddy the cat of shed - Geary's, Dorset Outside night shot of shed - Geary's, Dorset
All photos are copyright sheddie Suzanne Sibbick
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  • Sheddie:

    Suzanne Sibbick
  • Location:

    Garden - Dorset
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    • Cost of shedbuild:

      More than £1000

    Shed Features

    A chill-out place where my Husband and I go to most evenings for a game of dice, cards, shove ha'penny and a couple of drinks. Our family all love spending time up there and the grandchildren love it! Even our cat likes to come up there with us of an evening! Geary's is full of fun stuff and quirky bits plus many inspirational quotes on the walls. It's a place we like to keep stresses away from therefore we allow no phones or tv up there but we do have a cd player and play mostly John Denver, Willie Nelson and Glen Campbell in keeping with, what has now become, an American theme.

    Other Shed info

    It started off about 5 years ago as a summerhouse but after a couple of road trips in the South West States, it quickly evolved into something so much more. After a couple of years we added a small extension at the back and that became our bar!

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